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Furry hot

Swedish ice-cream maker, 1885

Hello everyone,

This week I have been working in the museum attic. As you can imagine the attic is a perfect home for spiders. There are cobwebs everywhere!

Anyway, the weather has meant it has been hotter work than usual. I don’t sweat like humans, which means that unlike some scruffy, sweaty humans my fur is always beautiful – but I do pant a bit to keep myself cool. Dogs do that as well apparently.

So I was busying myself in the attic, gathering quite a feast of cobwebs and I found a very interesting object. As you can see from the picture, it is a sort of bucket with a lid and a turning thing. Being a very inquisitive bear, I went to find my human friend, Top Man Jeremy, because he has all the answers. He told me that it is a Swedish ice-cream maker. It is a stave-built bucket and has a wooden paddle and it is about 130 years old! I like finding things older than me because it makes me feel young.

I gave it a really, REALLY good clean (the spiders seem to really like it in there) and I got FURRY HOT indeed. Then it occurred to me that I’ve never tasted ice cream… so I went into the museum shop and looked for some because I thought it might cool me down. I was interested in how it tasted – it seems that there are many flavours that humans like, but not necessarily that bears like. However, Top Man Jeremy found me a honey flavoured one and so I added all the cobwebs I found in the ice cream maker! It was really tasty.

I felt much cooler after that. But I have learned that you have to eat ice cream very quickly or it melts and ruins your fur a bit.

Until next time,

Toby the Bear