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Bear-ing gifts

Me, checking the ‘Dog of Fo’ for cobwebs

Hello everyone!

It’s been a busy week for me. I have been getting to know all the bears who have come on holiday to Horsham Museum, and also doing some of my usual cleaning duties.

Well, I was working in the gallery that Top Man Jeremy calls ‘Eth-no-graphy’. That means it’s a gallery which shows off things that come from other faraway places. Anyway, I came across something that Top Man Jeremy said was a ‘Dog of Fo’. He looks funny doesn’t he?

Top Man Jeremy told me all about this Dog of Fo. Some people called the Henderson’s went on a very long holiday to Japan and brought it back from a temple – over 130 years ago. Which makes it older than me!

Here is a picture of me checking for cobwebs, though it looks like I’m sniffing his feet!

Until next time,

Toby the Bear