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Bear Friends Forever

Two of my many new friends, called Pooh and Hoop

Hello everyone,

What a week! I have made so many new bear friends and you won’t believe the fun I am having! All the holidaying bears are here, for top man Jeremy’s exhibition Making Summer Bearable – the place is growling and humming with excitable bears.

Really, this is the best exhibition ever, because as you already know, bears are the handsomest and best species in the world.

And do you know what? There are lots of pictures of my face in the exhibition, including the very special painting of me by a clever lady called Susan Parmenter, which was done in 1985. I remember that well, as I had to sit still for a long time – that is easy for bears, but the younger toys around me were a bit of a nuisance. They were rather fidgety!

Anyway, this week I have made friends with two bears called Pooh and Hoop, and they had smart jumpers on. I complimented them on these of course, because, being a polite sort of bear, I have good manners. They said they were both 70 years old, (so quite young compared to me) and they like to drink tea a lot, it seems. But bless my fur, what was really strange is that they had never heard of a cobweb sandwich! I have included a picture of them drinking tea for you – they look very like each other don’t you think?

Until next time,

Toby the Bear