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A Sleuth of Bears

A sleuth of bears arriving at Horsham Museum!

Hello everyone!

Well now, you won’t believe the amount of bears that have been arriving for the BIG MEETING of bears who are coming on holiday at the museum… I had no idea that so many bears, and so many types of bears existed! It’s a bit bear-wildering really.

The photo shows just a few of them who have just arrived, cramming their way onto the museum shelves – and Top Man Jeremy has told me that there are even more on their way! I can tell you a bit about a few of them…

Aussie Bear from Horsham, in Australia

I have met a bear called Aussie Bear, who has already arrived from a place called Horsham in Australia – Australia is on the other side of the world! I thought it must feel very strange for him here, because he must feel very upside-down so I tried to imagine that by standing on my hands for a while. Anyway, Aussie Bear has reassured me that he is always the right way up.  He is very friendly indeed and I rather like his jacket.

There is a bear called Teddy who arrived this morning – he likes to wear his dressing gown. I haven’t had chance to talk to him properly yet, but I have been told that there is also a bear coming who likes to wear his pyjamas all the time! I think they must both be very tired bears to always be dressed for bed, but I’m rather looking forward to talking to them both.

Harry the Harrods Bear

And the other day, a really posh bear arrived called Harry. He told me he comes from a very expensive shop called ‘Harrods’ in London and wears a smart green ribbon around his neck. I wonder if he eats really posh sandwiches? I must ask him the next time I see him.

It is SO exciting to see so many bears at once – and I have just found out that when lots of bears get together it is called a Sleuth of Bears. I think we shall ALL be the bear-st of friends before long!

Until next time,

Toby the Bear